Limitless Daily Poll: What kind of year will Blake Bortles have?


Blake Bortles lead the Jags all the way to the AFC Title game last year in Jacksonville, so as you can imagine, expectations are sky high for the TEAM. I say the TEAM because we all know that Blake isn't the reason the team was where the were to end the year, but like Ramsey would say, he did his thing. This year, we're curious if "doing his thing" will be enough, or if he's even capable of it. 

Bortles turned the ball over a career-low 16 times in 2017, including 13 interceptions. Despite watching Bortles' best season protecting the ball, it was not good enough for coach Doug Marrone.

"Zero turnovers," Marrone said earlier this week when asked what he wants to see most from Bortles, via The Florida Times-Union. "I mean really, and I say that with anyone on our team that touches the football. That's the one thing that is the biggest cause of winning and losing games. I think that we talk about ball security and that's not just for a quarterback, but for our receivers, our tight ends, running backs, all the time. When you turn the ball over, it's hard to win football games."

What do you expect from Blake in 2018? 

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