Limitless Daily Poll: Which means more to you - Fantasy or Reality?


Nothing steals the attention of a sports fan like their favorite team. You wake up on Saturday or Sunday, put on your team's colors and parade around letting people know that your team is indeed #1...All of that was so wonderfully simple years ago...Before fantasy football took over the hearts and minds of many. 

Now we're faced with this dilemma, you sit down on Sunday to watch your favorite "real" football team, but your down 10 points, and your "real team" is going up against your fantasy running back...Do you pretend to cheer for your real team, while in the back of your mind, you really want that RB to go off? Or, are you one of the loyal ones out there who says "my real team comes first!"? 

Either way, you can tell us what's really going on at that moment, this is your safe place. 

Vote on the Limitless Men's Clinic Thought-Provoking Daily Poll! 

- @BrandonKravitz

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