Daily Poll: Who has more to prove - Dan Mullen or Willie Taggart?


I don't think I'm breaking any news when I say, last season was very disappointing if you're a Florida or Florida State football fan. These are two great programs whose fans expect excellence from each and every year. Pressures on for Dan Mullen and Willie Taggart who walk right into head coaching jobs at those high profile schools, both coming in on the back-end of an ugly divorce. 

Both have a lot to prove in year one, both have a lot of room for growth given how bad the teams they're taking over were last year. The question is, which one has more to prove? 

Dan Mullen: He comes in with an SEC background and off of building a winning culture where it's not so easy to win, Miss State. Mullen coached Tebow back when he was a coordinator @ Florida and Dak Prescott when he coached the Bulldogs, but can he do it under the brighter lights and the pressure cooker that is Gainesville, FL? He's got to prove that he can do it or Gator Nation will just assume he's the next Jim McElwain or Will Muschamp. 

Willie Taggart: He comes in with a sub-.500 record as a head coach, but he's also rebuilt some pretty down-in-the-dumps programs, like Western Kentucky and USF. He's saying all the right things, he recruited well, he's bringing back a lot of the tradition Seminole fans love so much, but the bar is set really high in Tally. Let's not forget, he's got to fill the shoes of a legend in Bobby Bowden and a title-winning coach and perennial contender in Jimbo Fisher. He's the next man up. 

Who do you think has more to prove? Think about it and vote below! 

- @BrandonKravitz

FSU/UF - Twitter screenshot

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