Podcast: Stan Van Gundy with strong words for Ohio State

The World According to Stan

Bianchi and Kravitz discuss everything from John McCain’s passing to Urban Meyer’s three game suspension with the always opinionated Stan Van Gundy. 

Stan Van Gundy shares his views on what made John McCain a different type of politician, Manu Ginobli as a potential hall of famer, and shared his view on how the Ohio State/Urban Meyer discipline was handed out. 

Quotes from Stan...

“Ohio State looked at Urban Meyer’s 73-8 record and said we’re not firing him, what’s the best PR move?”

“I don’t know if he would be based on his NBA resume alone, but his international work gets him in.” - SVG on Manu Ginobli as a potential hall of famer. 

Listen to the FULL interview below... 

Stan Van Gundy 670

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