Kravitz Podcast: Is Frank Gore a Hall of Famer?


Thanks for listening to the Kravitz Podcast, I am out for the remainder of the week on personal business, so I dug into my archive of sound to find an oldie but a goodie. This conversation was from a year ago where the Shot Doctor and I debated whether or not Frank Gore should be considered a shoe-in for the Hall of Fame (spoiler: I do). I think you guys will really enjoy it. 

I'll be back next week with brand-new/fresh content leading into the NFL season. Plus, come September 9th, I'll be launching a new fantasy football pregame show called 'The Fantasy Fix' that will not only air here in Orlando but also in Tampa with our friends @ 620AM. And, for the loyal listeners of my Jenkins Auto Group of Leesburg Pregame Show, Chris and I will still be getting you ready for all the games from 11am-Noon.

A load of great stuff coming up, be sure to keep it locked on all my social media account, and enjoy this week's podcast! 

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