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Buckeye Nation rejoices, while the rest of the country is left scratching their heads. If you're asking yourself: "How does a coach in Jim McElwain get fired for blurting out he got death threats, when he didn't...yet, Urban Meyer gets a slap on the wrist for covering up years and years of domestic violence perpetrated by one of his staff members?".. Especially in today's climate of no-tolerance towards abuse against women. 

Well, it's a great question. Here's the answer: Because Urban Meyer wins. Face it, Meyer wasn't suspended 3 games by Ohio State because the punishment fits the crime, he's suspended 3 games, and only 3 games, because he's a great coach who wins a lot of games. 

Message sent loud and clear to the rest of the country, whether you're a college football coach or an accountant -- If you're great at your job, you get a hall pass for being a sleazeball. 

Poll question today: What will be Urban Meyer's lasting legacy, come the end of his career? 

Tale of the tape...

  • Overall record as a head coach: 73-8 
  • Bowl record: 11-3
  • National titles: 3 
  • Recruited bad seeds like Aaron Hernandez to Florida
  • Left Florida the second the going got tough 
  • Covered up and lied about domestic abuse from one of his staff members. 

What do you think people will remember? What will you remember? 

Vote on the poll below... 

- @BrandonKravitz

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