Daily Poll: What kind of penalty will Urban Meyer receive?


The 20-member board plans to meet in private Wednesday morning in Columbus to decide whether Meyer should be punished for his handling of domestic-abuse allegations against a former assistant coach.

A decision isn't expected to be announced this morning. No timetable has been given for final resolution of the saga. Ohio State's season begins on Sept. 1st. 

The way we see it, there are really one of 4 options: 

  1. Meyer will face a 3-game suspension, just enough time to appease the doubters and Urban Meyer detractors, but not so much that it will crush the Buckeyes season. Ohio State is home for the first 2 weeks of the season (vs Oregon State and vs Rutgers) and then they play a neutral site game vs 16th ranked TCU. 
  2. Meyer will face a year-long suspension, which means Ohio State is taking his involvement (or lack thereof) in the Zach Smith scandal very seriously, but not so serious that they're willing to let one of the great coaches in college football history walk out the door. 
  3. He'll be fired. 'Nuff said there. 
  4. Meyer will get "time served" because he's been on administrative leave for 3 weeks already. This option would be the proverbial "slap on the wrist" option. 

What do you think will happen? Think about it, talk about it, vote on it below.

- @BrandonKravitz

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