Who is the most OVERRATED college coach in the state?


You could make the case that all of these guys are "overrated" and I'll do that below. Not to say they are, you could just make the case. Now, some of you might be wondering, "how come Heupel isn't on this list?" well that's because he hasn't coached yet, so we believe he is not yet "rated". 

Here's what sparked this conversation: 

One anonymous coach said the following about the great Nick Saban -- 

"If you had the No. 1 recruiting class in the country every year [you'd win like Nick Saban]," an anonymous coach told Chip Patterson of CBSSports.com. "He shows up at every single game with a better roster than the teams he's playing."

"If you count cheating and getting the best players in the country as part of running a program, he's the best in the country," the coach added. "It's like saying an NFL coach is the best coach in the league if he gets 25 first-round picks every year."

Harsh. So, back to the matter @ hand. Let's discuss what makes each of these guys in the state overrated and then we'll tally your vote! 

Mark Richt of the U: Great coaching record (164-58), good bowl record (11-6), but name one HUGE game that Mark Richt came out of on top of...After guiding the Bulldogs to two SEC championships in his first five seasons, he failed to win a title in his last 10 seasons. Always the bridesmaid, never the bride. 

Dan Mullen of Florida: Rode the coattails of Urban Meyer to a head coaching job @ Mississippi State, where he raised their incredibly low bar of what successful football is. 

Willie Taggart @ FSU: Overall record as a head coach - 47-50, only had one 10 win season under his belt, and, one anonymous coach called him the "most overrated in ALL of college football" 

Charlie Strong, lead Bull: Never won more than 6 games @ Texas, 3-2 in bowl games, has only coached in one "major" bowl game. 

- @BrandonKravitz

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