Daily Poll: How should Coughlin handle Jalen Ramsey?


Like many of the greatest NFL players, especially defensive backs, Jalen Ramsey is a trash talker. The problem he's run into lately is that he doesn't know when to stop. It's one thing to have a silver tongue and sharp wit on the football field, Ramsey though has been talking trash to the media, on Twitter, and now his latest comments, coming from an interview with the magazine GQ. 

Ramsey basically said Josh Allen is trash, Joe Flacco sucks, Big Ben and Matt Ryan are overrated. Though he did have nice things to say about 7-10 QB's in the NFL (including Bortles) all anyone can talk about today are the negative comments made about other NFL players. 

Maybe if this is someone else, someone who hadn't been suspended THIS WEEK for disrespecting the media, we could collectively say - no big deal - but it's Ramsey, and this level of disrespect for those around him has probably rubbed some people (cough, cough -- Tom Coughlin) the wrong way. 

What, if anything, should team VP Tom Coughlin do with his trash talking DB, Jalen Ramsey? 

Think about it, talk about it, vote on it below. 

- @BrandonKravitz

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