The Bridge: Bucs QB debate, Maryland in hot water, and Dwight Howard

THE BRIDGE 8/15/18

Mike Bianchi and Marc Daniels open The Bridge discussing the likelihood of Ryan Fitzpatrick stealing the starting QB job from Jameis Winston in Tampa Bay and Bianchi’s “report” that Florida might make a decision @ QB today. Plus, Marc shares his thoughts on the Maryland football scandal.

Other topics on The Bridge:

·  Dwight Howard wanting to evolve into Kevin Durant or Anthony Davis

·  Comments made by Stan Van Gundy on Open Mike about stubborn big men in today’s NBA.

·  Bianchi gets Daniels thoughts on Open Mike’s interview with Jeff Snook, who reported the story that Courtney Smith’s mom and Zach Smith’s mom said Courtney Smith was lying about the abuse.

You can catch The Bridge every weekday @ 8:50am as Open Mike ends and The Beat of Sports (9am-Noon) begins. 

Maryland Football - Getty

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