Kravitz Podcast: Preseason Recap from Night 1

I watched all the preseason football I could fit into a Thursday night, so that I could present to you my findings on this week's Kravitz Podcast. Here are a couple of my biggest fantasy football related takeaways, then listen to the podcast for the FULL recap. 

  • Christian McCaffrey looks like he can be more of a 'bell-cow' runner than he was last season. 
  • Baker Mayfield should not only be the starter, he would be great for the value of Jarvis Landry because of his accuracy. 
  • Kenyan Drake is going to be a steal in the middle of the 3rd round
  • Nick Chubb look awful, if he doesn't improve, he won't even be draftable. 
  • Ronald Jones didn't do anything that wows you, but he looks like the Bucs best RB. 
  • Saquan Barkley is going to be a complete stud...obviously. 

Listen for more below... 



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