Kravitz Blog: Do you need good WI-FI to enjoy a football game?


I can hear Bianchi already -- "Why do kids these days need to put everything they do on Facebook?!"..."Can't they just go to a game and watch the game?!". In theory he's right, we should be able to just go out and do our own thing without sharing it with the world. But, that's not the way of the world in 2018. People, especially my age range (mid-30's and younger) love to share their experiences with their friends. Now, everyone's motivations are different of course, some do it to keep track of their travels, some do it for likes and attention, some do it to brag, but no matter the reason and no matter the silliness to's important to "millennials". 

That's why the Gators are spending up to 6.3 million dollars to enhance their in-stadium WI-FI @ The Swamp! As reported in the OrlandoSentinel by Edgar Thompson: 

The school announced Wednesday has begun $6.3 million in upgrades to the stadium’s Wi-Fi system to be fully completed by the 2019 season.

The school’s University Athletic Association has made previous upgrades, but the new system will be state of the art.

“This will truly be a game-changing experience for our fans,” UF athletic director Scott Stricklin said in a statement. “We are making a significant commitment so that fans will be able to enjoy the game and stay connected with their friends and share all of the great experiences that come with being at The Swamp on a Saturday.”

Fans haven't been populating The Swamp in recent years like they did in the past, and while bad football is partially to blame, many students complain about their in-game experience. Most notably, the internet connection. And it's not just the Gators that face this, most stadiums are running into this issue. If team owners or universities want to keep their young fans happy and in their seats, they'll all do what the Gators are doing. Not only is it necessary, it's smart. 

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- @BrandonKravitz

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