Should the Browns 'weed-out' Antonio Callaway?


Former Gators WR Antonio Callaway has all the talent in the world, Callaway put up over 600 and 700 yards receiving in 2 years starting for Florida, and an average reception rate of 15 yards per catch. A staggering number, given the inadequacy at the QB position. Pro Football Focus, a highly reputable scouting service used by many NFL scouts and GM's, graded Antonio Callaway as one of the 3 best WR's in the 2018 draft class. 

Even with all of that, he dropped to the 4th round. And if you've followed his career, you know exactly why. 

Here's a list of problems Antonio Callaway has found himself in just the last couple of years playing high profile football: 

  • Issues with marijuana @ Florida 
  • Sexual assault allegations (he was later cleared) 
  • Hanging out with the wrong crowd 
  • Credit card fraud 
  • Admitting to smoking weed 6 weeks before the NFL Combine  
  • The latest: Getting pulled over @ 3am with a suspended license and weed in the car 

Prior to the NFL Draft: An NFL scout told NFL reporter Tom Pelissero“He is super talented. The tape from his sophomore season’s really good,”...“But he is a train wreck when it comes to some of that off-field stuff. Poor decision-making at every turn.” With that, Callaway was off a lot of team's board heading into the draft. 

But, not Cleveland. The Browns took a gamble on the troubled wide-out, and now they have a decision to make. What would you do if you were Cleveland? Does he deserve another shot? 

Think about it, and vote on our daily poll. 

- @BrandonKravitz

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