"My gut tells me Tannehill is going to have a great year" - @BrandonKravitz


Simple question, which of the 4 QB's we KNOW is going to start for our NFL teams here in the state of Florida do you predict will have the best season? 

Naturally, Bortles would be the first to come to mind, because he's not a knucklehead like Jameis, and because people seem to have soured on Tannehill after back to back injuries to his knees in successive seasons. Of course, then there's Ryan Fitzpatrick, which I guess is a possibility. As mentioned in the lead to the article, I (@BrandonKravitz) have a gut feeling Ryan Tannehill is poised to have a great season. 

Tannehill, who turned 30 on Friday, said Monday: “I feel great,”....“I feel great. I was telling somebody the other day, I feel like I’m 25, but 30 just sounds old.”We often forget because of how last year went for Miami/Tannehill that he had a career-best 93.5 passer rating in 2016, including a red-hot 100.1 passer rating in his final eight games. 

To answer the question posed on our Thought-Provoking Daily Poll, I figured it'd be best if I listed the most statistically efficient (not fantasy stats, but real efficiency) season for each of the 3 star QB's in this state, as a frame of reference for what their ceiling is in 2018. 

Blake Bortles 2017: Highest completion percentage of his career @ 60%, best TD-INT ratio @ 21-13, and was sacked a career-low 4.4% of the time he dropped back. Record 10-6 

Jameis Winston 2016: Jameis has been a little all over the place efficiency wise, but his most consistent year given the metrics I'm looking @ - Comp %, TD-INT, wins, and sacks -- His best year was 2016. TD-INT 28-18, completion % 60%, sack rate 5.98%, record 9-7. 

Ryan Tannehill 2016: Completion % 67% (best of the bunch), TD-INT 19-12, sack % 6.9, YPC 11.5 (equal among all QB's), QB rating 93 (best of the bunch). Record 8-5. 

Statistically, Tannehill is as impressive, if not more so than any of the others in the state when looking @ their best season. Maybe my gut is right...What say you? 

- @BrandonKravitz



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