"Jerry Jones thinks he's bigger than the NFL" - @BianchiWrites


We all know Jerry Jones has an ego that could stretch a mile, but his latest antics involving the National Anthem are even a bit much for him. Roger Goodell and the NFL have asked owners to quit talking about the National Anthem. Understandable, right? Well, Jerry followed that edict up with his classic "players will toe the line" comment, that lead to Richard Sherman essentially calling him a slave owner with his "plantation mentality". Either way you slice it, none of this is good PR for the NFL. 

This back and forth lead Bianchi to go off on a tangent about how Jerry Jones thinks he's bigger than the NFL, and I question why in the world do the Cowboys play the National Anthem at practice?! I mean, is that not the biggest troll job you've ever heard of? 

Listen to the segment below... 

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