Alliance Founder Bill Polian: "We're not trying to compete with the NFL"


Former NFL executive and co-founder of the Alliance of American Football joined Open Mike to discuss where the league is in its progression, why Orlando was such an important market, and the NFL's new "targeting" rule. 

Specifically, on the Alliance of American Football, Bill talks about how they targeted Steve Spurrier from the beginning and how important it is that people understand, they are not trying to compete with the NFL. They want to be a filter to the National Football League. And when Bianchi brought up the other spring league starting a year after them (Vince McMahon's XFL) he said they can't worry about what Vince is doing, and even stated that their idea for a Spring league was formulated first. 

When asked about the new tackle rule that states you can't lead with your helmet, Bill, as a man who's been on the competition committee, states that it will likely take 2 seasons before officials in the NFL can enforce that rule properly without a large margin of error. 

Listen to the FULL interview below... 

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