What is the national perception of the Florida Gators?


The Florida Gators last championship was won in 2008 under Urban Meyer. They've been through many hardships, coaches, ups-and-downs, and mostly bad offense since then. We know how WE feel about them, still very relevant to us, still the biggest fan base in this state - both pro or college. But what about nationwide (not the insurance company)? 

The Gators have been a mediocre football program over the last 10 years, no flashy players, and the only time the team is in the news -- it's for all the wrong reasons. Maybe the Gators national perception is still living off it's past...I mean, they are one of only 6 programs to win a national title in the last 10 years. Or, maybe people have forgotten about the glory days. 

Tell us what you think... 

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