THE BRIDGE 7/30/18

Braves pitcher, Sean Newcomb’s no-hit bid should’ve been the big story of the night from last night, but racially insensitive tweets resurfaced from his past that became the bigger story. Bianchi and Daniels debate how and why players find themselves in this position where their social media past comes back to bite them.

Other topics discussed on The Bridge today:

· Dak Prescott and Ezekiel Elliot’s response to Jerry Jones saying that his team will stand for the National Anthem.

· The percentage of players that care about the Anthem controversy

· Scrubbing social media

· Braves announcers called Dodgers players “unprofessional” for not wearing their uniforms during BP.

· The greatness of HOF’er Chipper Jones

You can catch The Bridge every weekday @ 8:50am as Open Mike ends and The Beat of Sports (9am-Noon) begins. 

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