The Bridge: Who the hell is Jerick McKinnon?!

THE BRIDGE 7/27/18

This morning on The Bridge, Marc Daniels and Brandon Kravitz debated just how familiar our audience is with the name Jerick McKinnon, based on a debate around the iHeart offices. Jerry O'Neil claimed on the Finish Line this week (in a random discussion) that 60% of our audience DOES NOT know who Jerick McKinnon is. Kravitz says that's crazy talk and tries to get Marc to back him up...Which he did not. 

Plus, the guys raised the question: Why is everyone firmly supporting Jameis Winston? What is happening with Orlando City? What should be expected from the Miami Dolphins this year, and will they ever get out of the dreaded "abyss"? 

You can catch The Bridge every weekday @ 8:50am as Open Mike ends and The Beat of Sports (9am-Noon) begins. 

Listen to the FULL segment below...

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