To what degree are you over National Anthem coverage?


Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones said players will not be allowed to stand in the locker room during the anthem, but admitted President Donald Trump brought up the issue far too often for the sake of everyone in the NFL.

Speaking to reporters at the start of training camp on Wednesday, Jerry Jones said Cowboys players have been instructed to be on the field for the national anthem and standing at attention. {{Read more @}}

@BrandonKravitz thoughts... 

I don't know where you stand on the Anthem issue, and frankly, I don't care where you stand. I respect it, I'll talk about it, we can have a discussion. But I am like most of you, I'm over it. This conversation at one time was interesting to me, the Anthem controversy made for compelling debate. Now, the debate wasn't always pretty, but that's OK. I don't mind arguments in life, we all get into them. What I mind is a fight that lasts too long with no resolution, it just drags on and on, and there's no end in sight. That's what the Anthem topic feels like to me at this point. We're still going to cover it on this station because it's news, and that's what we deliver to our audience. But I do wonder, to what degree do you actually listen to National Anthem coverage 3 years into this story? 

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