Scott Frost Advocates for an 8-team Playoff


Okay, okay, okay...maybe I was a little tough on Frosty. This is, admittedly, really cool of Frost to stand up on the podium @ Big 10 media day and still go to bat for a program like UCF. 

Now, the naysayer in me says "Yeah, but, maybe he's just saying that every major conference champion should be in the playoff since the Big 10 champ wasn't in last year"....I could say that...I'm not, but I could. 

Here is what Frost said: 

“That would give a surprise conference champion that plays well at the end of the season a shot. It might give a team like we had at UCF last year a shot. I think you could start the playoff earlier in December, not have to make the semifinal like a bowl experience.

“That would allow the season to end about the same time that it does with the national championship game.”

Hear it straight from the source, listen to the clip attached below... 

Scott Frost - youtube screengrab

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