Nick Saban wouldn't change a damn thing if given the chance

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At least Nick Saban is a compassionate king.

He may have a reputation for being grumpy and gruff, but the unquestioned crowned head of college football actually feels the pain of neglected programs such as UCF.

Unlike so many of the Power 5 propagandists in the national media and even members of his own team who have ridiculed UCF’s self-proclaimed national championship, Alabama’s Saban — the greatest coach in college football history — actually commended UCF on Wednesday at SEC Media Days.

Saban answered thoughtfully and profoundly when I asked him his feelings about the Knights, who finished with a perfect season last year and weren’t even considered for the College Football Playoff semifinals.

Thought-Provoking Daily Poll: Nick Saban said he has a “tremendous amount of compassion for UCF” but also states “I’m not responsible for the system”... Do you believe Nick Saban would change the system of a CFB postseason if given the power/opportunity? Yes or No.

I say no, here’s why…

Let’s review Saban’s comments along with a dose of reality…

  • Saban says the best 4 teams got in: Clemson, Bama, Georgia, OU. For the record, I don't totally disagree with that. 
  • The problem isn’t so much with the 4, it’s with the possible expansion to 6 or 8 under the current committee’s approach – UCF was 12th before facing Auburn. 
  • If the ranking is largely due to schedule difficulty and the committee doesn’t get that factor right or judge it correctly, then the system is broken. 
  • Nick also went on to say and has said many times, that he doesn’t want more teams involved because it would diminish bowl games
    • Who gives a damn about the Outback, Idaho Potato, New-Era Pinstripe, and Maybe its Maybelline Bowl anyway?? I’ll tell you who, the kids and their parents -- That’s it! Fans gave up on ancillary bowl games years ago. That ship has sailed, and Nick Saban wants to keep the genie in the bottle because the current system is working just fine for him. Those are the facts.

- @BrandonKravitz

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