Jeremy Pruitt: "I knew what asparagus was"

Jeremy Pruitt is getting his first crack at head coaching this season as the new head coach of Tennessee. That's all well and good, but do yourself a favor and type his name in the Google search bar. Before you can finish Pruitt you get "Jeremy Pruitt Asparagus". 

Before Pruitt got to FSU,Georgia, Bama, and now Tennessee he was coaching at Hoover High School in Alabama. That team was the focus of MTV's short lived reality show "Two-a-days" which gave us one of the greatest reality TV. Pruitt reacting to a plate of asparagus shockingly saying "What is that?"

That moment has followed his since the early 2000's and has resurfaced after a interview with the Atlantic Pruitt said

“Nah, I knew what asparagus was,” Jeremy Pruitt said. “Just when they brought it out, it just didn’t register.”

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