Breaking news: Kawhi Leonard is heading to Toronto

From what I understand of the deal, neither guy (DeRozan or Leonard) seem overly thrilled with the deal. But, the Spurs were dead set on NOT trading Kawhi to LA, and that's exactly what they didn't do. Toronto is about as "Non-LA" as it gets. The Raptors are clearly looking at this in the short-term, figuring that with LeBron out of the conference, this may be their opportunity to get out of the east. You've got to respect the gumption of the deal from Toronto. Especially considering the way DeRozan wilted in the playoffs this past season. 

More info: Toronto would be able to offer Leonard a five-year, $190 million contract next summer. If Leonard left the Raptors, he could sign a four-year, $141 million deal with a team with the available salary-cap space. DeRozan has three years and $83 million left on his contract, including an Early Termination Option for the 2020-21 season. (ESPN.COM)

- @BrandonKravitz



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