Texas A&M coach Jimbo Fisher speaks @ SEC Media Days


Still an open wound for FSU fans, Jimbo Fisher takes to the stage @ SEC Media Days to talk about his Aggies. He also mentions that he never intended to leave FSU...

Bianchi wrote in his OrlandoSentinel.com article that FSU fans "owe Fisher a debt of gratitude". 

Now that all the hurt feelings and harsh words have subsided in the wake of Jimbo’s ugly divorce from FSU and his subsequent hiring as the new coach of Texas A&M, Seminole Nation needs to realize just how much Fisher did for their program.

Granted, it didn’t end well with Jimbo bolting after one of the worst seasons in modern Florida State history, but as somebody wise once said, “Everything ends badly — or else it wouldn’t end.” 

Read more here: Bianchi's Blog! 

Side note: Jimbo's Aggies play Clemson and @ Alabama within the first 4 weeks of this college football season. 

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