Podcast: What is the real and true value of Le'Veon Bell?


Le'Veon Bell left a lot of money on the table when he turned down what was likely a deal worth up to 70 million dollars (30+ guaranteed) and roughly 13.5 million per year. That would make him easily the highest paid RB in the NFL. Bell however thinks that he's worth more than just "best RB in the league" status. Bell wants to be paid like a top RB and a #2 WR, and truthfully, he's earned it. 

Bell has been the 2nd most consistent WR for the Steelers for the last couple of years and is used in the passing game so frequently, the team doesn't just line him up in the slot, they line him up outside as well. If you look @ what #2 WR's get paid, at the highest level, it's roughly 11 million per year. The Desean Jackson, Emmanuel Sanders, and Randal Cobb's of the world. While the top RB's (Freeman and McCoy) get paid 8 million per year. You add those toghether, and that's what Bell was looking for. 

Bell and his agent obviously put their foot down, didn't sign, and it lead to this debate below between me (@BrandonKravitz) and our producer (@CVazquez613). 

Listen below... 

Leveon Bell

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