Kravitz Podcast: I feel bad for kids who didn't grow up in the 90's


Truly, I feel bad for kids, specifically those entering their teenage years, who are coming of age now - rather than in the 90's. Let's face it, those formative years - -13, 14, 15, and so on...where you really start to become your own person, you become more defiant and rebellious. It's just natural, you get to that age where you're tired of everyone telling you what to do all the time. Every parent has gone through it with their kid, and everyone who's been a kid has experienced it. What made 90's entertainment so great, was that there were so many outlets that satiated the craving for a rebellion. You could live vicariously through characters like Stone Cold Steve Austin, DX, The Rock, The NWO, and Cartman on South Park. 

Now, what do kids do? What's their entertainment outlet? The most popular shows when I was that age for my demographic were: Raw, Nitro, South Park, Howard Stern, Jerry Springer (before it completely jumped the shark), and others of that ilk. Not the greatest role models, maybe not great for society, but captivating for a youngster nonetheless. 

I looked up the most popular shows for teenagers in 2017, look at this pathetic list: 

  • Walking Dead
  • Pretty Little Liars
  • 13 Reasons Why 
  • Stranger Things 
  • Vampire Diaries 

Seriously? That's why I feel bad for these kids, they don't know what they're missing! Listen to the audio version of this rant on this week's Kravitz Podcast below... 

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