Do the Magic and Lions have to seperate from Papa John's?

The founder of Papa John's resigned from his position as chairman of the pizza chain's board of directors, just hours after he apologized for using a racial slur during a company conference call earlier this year. - ABC News

John Schnatter (Papa John's founder) still owns 30% of the business, and that business does a lot of work with our local teams. In fact, with Orlando City and Magic victories, you get 50% off your pizza the very next day. It's a great promotion and I'm sure Papa Johns has been a great business partner, as they were for the NFL for many years. 

The question is, does the latest transgression of a founder with a sketchy past when it comes to race related issues deserve a pass here? Does this reflect so poorly on Papa Johns that it would make the Magic and Lions look bad? 

I (@BrandonKravitz) say no, I believe we can, or at least should be able to, separate poor behavior from business. In this case, the company at large is obviously embarrassed, I think this is an act that is egregious, but not so bad it should shape the business strategy for our local teams. Confront the problem, don't run from it. 

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