Winston didn't take Randy's advice in 2014, why will he take it now?


Bucs QB Jameis Winston has been in the news for all the wrong reasons, again. He's set to serve a 3-game suspension for his involvement in a groping incident from 2016, involving a female Uber drive -- you guys know the story. 

Well, Randy Moss recently took a trip down to Tampa Bay to mentor some of the Bucs players, including your boy, Jameis Winston. Here's what Randy had to say about the Bucs lead troublemaker: 

"He's doing things right," Moss said. "It's a bump in the road. . . . Man, just continue to fight. It happens. ... What he did was wrong. You know, I'm not saying right or wrong. There was a woman involved. So I'm not going to get into all of that. What he did was wrong. He knows it was wrong. So, I think it's up to him as a man to understand what he did wrong, live and learn from it and let it go."

All of that sounds great, but in my experience, some people never learn. Moss learned...I don't believe Jameis will. Largely because he's already been given this advice...from Moss...and he didn't listen! Watch the video below from 2014, where Moss tried to lend a helping hand and offered up sage advice for Jameis before the Bucs drafted him in 2015. 

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