DeAndre Ayton gets the best of Mo Bamba in Summer League action


There was about as much hype as you could muster for a Summer League game when DeAndre Ayton went one on one with Mo Bamba. Unfortunately for Magic fans, Ayton came out looking like the better big man. What makes this even more disappointing (or as disappointing as a Summer League game can be) is that the Magic were receiving tremendous hype through 2 games out in Vegas with the way Isaac and Bamba were playing together. Through 2 games, the Magic were 2-0 and Jonathan Isaac looked like he had improved tremendously during the off-season, scoring 32 points in 2 contests. 

In this game, however, Deandre Ayton would drop an impressive 17 points and 13 rebounds vs Orlando. Bamba finished the game with more blocks (5) than points (4), which might be an indication of what his rookie season will look like. 

Watch the short highlights below and the full highlights below that, enjoy. 

- @BrandonKravitz

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