Podcast: Steve Spurrier on the Alliance draft, team name, & Shaquem Griffin


New head coach of the Alliance of Orlando football team, Steve Spurrier hopped on with Bianchi and I ahead of his Wednesday Mikey's appearance (LIVE at the Taproom @ Dubrsdread and is free to the public) and discussed the latest with the Alliance league, the team's name, and the Florida Gators. 

Spurrier says: 

  • The Alliance league will hold its draft after the NFL makes their preseason cuts. 
  • The league is on schedule, although they're not as far along as some would hope. 
  • He signed-off on names for the team like 'Wave', 'Hombres', and 'Osprey'
  • He would be quick to call Shaquem Griffin if the opportunity presented itself. 

Listen to the FULL interview below! 

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