Don't temper expectations for Isaiah Thomas - @BrandonKravitz


That's right, I'm promoting delusion. Magic fans have had so little to be excited about over the years, I say -- just let them have this one. 

The Orlando Magic are discussing a potential deal with free-agent point guard Isaiah Thomas, HoopsHype's Alex Kennedy reported Tuesday.

According to Kennedy, the two sides haven't reached an agreement yet but "want to get this done."

I can tell you right now, I can already hear it...the naysayers. They'll say he's washed up. They'll say the 2016/17 season was a fluke. They'll say he'll never be the same after suffering that hip injury. Well, I say, no! 

Why can't you at least dream for a minute, don't you deserve happiness too? Why can't Isaiah Thomas, in the right city, with the right system, under the right coach return to prominence? It was only 2 seasons ago that he was battling LeBron James and Kevin Durant for MVP. It's not like the guy forgot how to play basketball. That season he averaged 28ppg and shot 43% from the field. He was one of the most dangerous offensive weapons in the league and a true team leader. I could argue (and I will) that Cleveland was a terrible fit, he's a ball dominant guard who was playing with LeBron James, that's never easy. Plus, defense isn't his strong suit, and the Cavs were awful on defense already. Then, he was traded to LA, and the Lakers didn't even want to use him, they had just drafted Lonzo Ball to play PG.

In Orlando it would be different, and much more similar to what he was asked to do in Boston. The Magic NEED a ball dominant guard, they need scoring. Defense won't be an issue for them either, with Bamba, Isaac, and Gordon on the floor, plus a defensive minded coach in Clifford -- they can just let I.T. do his thing. 

Don't let anyone dissuade your optimism or tell you different today. Because, you know what? Respectability is right around the corner. 

- @BrandonKravitz

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