Trae Young tries to be Steph Curry, but shoots like Seth Curry.


Trae Young's Summer League debut for the Atlanta Hawks did not go well. He shot 4 of 20 and made only 1 of 11 three point attempts. After watching these highlights, that doesn't even tell the whole story. Young wasn't just missing shots, he was laying bricks like a construction worker. 

If you remember, this was the guy Magic fans were clamoring for before the draft, and even after drafting Bamba, many were questioning why our team in this town didn't push harder to move up to make sure they got the "it-guy" from Oklahoma. This video and the disaster of his Summer League debut doesn't mean he'll be an awful pro, but it is a great example of how the NBA has a way of humbling undersized shooters. 

A report I read out of Utah said that Young was so nervous he didn't eat well before the game and wasn't able to fit in a mid-day nap. I feel ya buddy, that mid-day nap is an essential part of everyday success. 

- @BrandonKravitz

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