Is Space Jam going to be involved in how LeBron makes Decision 3.0?

A new rumor suggests a trailer for Space Jam 2 could be arriving on LeBron James‘ Instagram in the coming days or weeks. LeBron is expected to announce his free agency decision soon, once his contract with the Cleveland Cavaliers is up on June 29. A rumor from Basketball Society Online claims that news will be followed by James unveiling some kind of Space Jam 2 footage, either a potential teaser or “documentary” announcing that the Justin Lin-directed sequel is finally making progress.

I'm not so sure this is a great idea. At the same time, it's not terrible, and it's definitely got "LeBron" written all over it, BUT I think we can do better. So, I'm going to help out the King with a couple ideas of my own...Here are my early favorites for ways LeBron should announce Decision 3.0

  • Sky writing above the city he chooses 

  • Gender reveal style balloon explosion with the team logo inside 

  • Pinata smash on FB Live 

  • Gatorade could release a flavor that day, relevant to the city he chooses 

  • Freestyle rap 

  • On the show 'Get Up' (then maybe someone would watch it) 

  • Skydive with landing pads set up on the ground with different team logos 

Submit your ideas to me us on Twitter @969thegame

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