Top 10 Fantasy Football Options for 2018


This year is interesting because what we’re seeing is a running back renaissance! The return of the elite RB, but more importantly, the return of the RB position being deep in general. You could make the argument that running back is actually deeper than WR this year, which, given it’s a pass happy league, is not something that’s been said in years. So, with all of that said, let’s get things started.  

There’s a clear top 4 as I see it, your best bet for starting your fantasy roster is with one of these 4 backs, given their consistency – talent – usage – offensive system - and all of the important factors you look @ when ranking players.  Those 4 backs are Todd Gurley, LeVeon Bell, Zeke Elliot, and David Johnson.  

Here’s how I have them ranked:  (standard and PPR leagues are both taken into consideration) 

1. My number one overall player this year is LeVeon Bell. Sure, he’s got the contract dispute, but until I see that it’s going to cost him a game. He’s the best player to own in fantasy football, and has been for years.  

2. Todd Gurley: A lot of fantasy owners are going to view him as #1, and for good reason, he was the fantasy MVP last year. 1,305 on the ground, 788 added through the air, along with 64 catches, and 19 total TD’s. My only concern is TD regression, jumping from 6 in 2016 to 19 in 2017 makes me nervous.  

3. David Johnson: The offense in Arizona is built around DJ, and he knows it, that’s why he’s holding out. Last year’s freak injury in week one shouldn’t deter you from this guy, keep in mind the injury sustained was a wrist injury – and should have little to no roll-over to this season. In 2016, he set the Cardinals franchise record with 2,118 yards from scrimmage and 20 TD’s.  

4. Ezekiel Elliot: Last year, Elliot’s season was stunted with a suspension, this year – he’s free and clear. And he’s probably the most dependable of all the options inside the top 10. With that offensive line in Dallas, and their gameplan, you know he’s going to A) get the ball and B) have gaping holes to run through. He just doesn’t catch passes as well as my top 3, which is why he slots in @ #4.   

5. Alright, less detail, we’re going to rapid fire 5-10 – you guys ready?  Antonio Brown – he’s been good for over 100 catches, at least 1,250 yards and double digit TD’s for the last 5 years, you’re over thinking this if he’s not #5.  

6. DeAndre Hopkins- Watson/Hopkins pairing proved to be deadly last season, I expect to see more of that this year. Plus, if Watson goes down, we’ve seen Hopkins put up numbers with TJ Yates.  

7. Alvin Kamara- That backfield is all his for at least 4 games (as Mark Ingram is serving a suspension) and I expect him to run away with it. Pun completely intended.  

8. Odell Beckham Jr.- Don’t let all the drama, an injury last year, and contract disputes cloud the fact that he’s the most explosive WR in the NFL.  

9. Leonard Fournette- See Ezekiel Elliot. The thing I love about this player in this spot, you know exactly what you’re getting, and the Jags added one of the best run blocking guards in the offseason in Andrew Norwell.  

10. Saquan Barkley- The trend over the last 5 years for RB’s picked inside of the top 5 in the NFL Draft is a positive one for fantasy owners. The Giants didn’t forgo their future QB, just to sell Barkley jerseys, they are going to use him early and often. Only concern is, can he live up to the billing?

More to come, stay tuned! - @BrandonKravitz on Twitter 

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