Maybe Landon Donovan Was Onto Something.


For all of you mad about Landon Donovan's Wells Fargo ad, calm down. First of all, I can't judge, I would say almost anything for promotional dollars, and you probably would too. Also, it was brought to my attention, Donovan plays for a Mexican club team - so we should have no problem if that country holds a special place in his heart. I know a lot of you want to believe that Mexico is this bitter rival in soccer, but the US might want to start winning more consistently before it starts worrying about rivals. America's biggest rival is themselves right now, as they can't get out of their own way. 

Maybe Donovan was onto something, so many of us in this country, the millions still watching the World Cup, have no rooting interest. How cool would it be if we all banded together and latched on to another country? We could be like the adopted orphan child of international soccer fans. The "My other team is..." campaign doesn't make you less of an American, it doesn't lessen your patriotism. The crux of the slogan is saying "obviously I would cheer for the USA team, but they ain't in it". 

So, who should it be? Our allies across the pond in England? Our North American brothers in Mexico? The underdog over in Iceland? Or should we just cheer for Portugal because, well, they have Ronaldo? 

My other team is England. 1. I watched the Royal Wedding. 2. I appreciate their help in World War 2. and 3. I worked on I-Drive for years, so I'm at least 1/18th British at this point. 

@ me, I'd love to hear from you. @BrandonKravitz, talk to you in the morning. 

Here's the tweet that sparked the controversy...

Steadman and I discussed this on Open Mike this morning during our Game-Balls/Goof-Balls segment. 

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