Blake Calls UCF National Champs, But Should We Expect More?


Yesterday I put up a post promoting Open Mike and asked the question "Has Blake Bortles U-C-FORGOT?" -- Because to me, and to Mike, Blake Bortles seems more detached from the UCF program than you would think somebody of his stature would be. You could argue, he is Mr. UCF. Even more so than Culpepper. He won a Fiesta Bowl and was the highest draft pick in UCF history. He is arguably the greatest Knight ever, and a guy that no one else wanted to give a shot to as a college QB. 

Don't you think that guy, "Mr. UCF" should be more out in the open and public about his support for UCF? Does sheepishly saying UCF is National Champs, only after asked about it really satisfy and satiate your need for attention from someone the caliber of Blake? To me, it doesn't. To me, Blake should've been out propping up UCF's accolades all year long, without provocation. It's easy to make a two word statement in January only after the team has beaten Auburn. But where is he the rest of the year? 

When is the last time he stood on the sideline to watch a UCF game? Or came out at halftime to rev the fans up with a rousing speech? Why isn't Blake the damn NFL mascot for all things UCF? - Kravitz 

Need real entertainment? Just read the tweets on the post below. 

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