Daily Poll: Who do you hope to see win the case of De Le Haye vs UCF?


I'll keep this simple, as you can go to OrlandoSentinel.com for in-depth written coverage on the matter, Donald De La Haye vs UCF. De La Haye is suing UCF because UCF is a member institution of the NCAA and he claims that UCF is trampling on his first amendment rights - by telling him what he can and can not have on his YouTube channel. 

As for the question below, most of you will probably vote UCF, because, well, Donald is kind of a D-Bag and you LOVE UCF. But, keep this in mind before clicking -- When it comes down to a battle of student athlete vs NCAA...don't you usually side with the player? 

Think about it, and VOTE on our Thought Provoking Daily Poll! 



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