Daily Poll: What do you think of the Steve Clifford hire?

The news broke about the hiring of former Magic assistant and Hornets head coach, Steve Clifford for the Orlando Magic, we were still on the air @ 8:50am yesterday. We (Mike, Marc, and Brandon) gave our initial response as we got the news, many of you chimed in as well. Since then, Steve has been introduced to the fans and media alike. It's always interesting to me to see how the tide or mood changes the next day, after the raw emotion of a big change like this is felt. 

All afternoon, as I combed the radio dial and parked myself on our afternoon show (The Finish Line), I came to the conclusion that there are 4 common ways of thinking when it comes to this hire. 

  1. You love it, he did great work in Charlotte, he knows Orlando, and he is very well respected around the league. 
  2. You don't love the hire, but you really like the fact that he coached here the last time the Magic were any good, and he coached under our favorite coaching personality, Stan. Makes ya feel a little nostalgic, he's like a throwback to a better time for the Magic. 
  3. You can't figure out why Jeff Weltman would fire Frank Vogel, a well respected/defensive minded coach who's had success in this league, for Steve Clifford, who you describe the exact same way. Especially when you hear Welty preach about continuity. 
  4. You hate it. Either because you just don't think he's any good, maybe you think what he did in Charlotte is as good as it gets. Or, you are just negative about every single decision the Magic make, because you've suffered through the last 7 years. 

Which category do you fit in? 


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