Daily Poll: Should the Magic be considering Izzo for head coach?

The report we read yesterday from The Athletic read: 

"The Orlando Magic have expressed interest in Michigan State coach Tom Izzo for the team's head coaching position, league sources told The Athletic." 

Since then, multiple news outlets have reported that Izzo is indeed staying put. But, this is the coaching industry, so you really never know. 

What's interesting about this is that, Izzo reportedly turned down the opportunity to coach LeBron James before LeBron left Cleveland years ago. So, if he were interested in taking over this roster in Orlando, you could easily make the argument that he's just itching to get out of MSU by any means necessary. Izzo and company have been accused of mishandling serious sexual abuse cases involving some his players from the past, and even putting one of those player onto his staff. 

This story, whether it's real or not, is interesting. Should the Magic really be considering a guy with this much baggage? 


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