Daily Poll: Talent or Brad Stevens?

Can you be way too good at your job? There's a philosophical question for ya. 

The poll today involves the man who has taken the mantle as the 'greatest coach in the NBA' - Mr. Stevens. 

Brad Stevens as according to "those guys" in Vegas is worth about 10 wins by himself, that's how valuable he is as a coach. And keep in mind, that's just the conservative Vegas wise-guys opinions, he's probably worth even more when you take into account how much better all of his players seem to be at their jobs when he's calling the shots. 

He's so valuable, and whether it's 10 games, 20, or 50...Can he ever be worth more than the potential of having a superstar on your roster? 

That brings us to our THOUGHT-PROVOKING DAILY POLL...

Hypothetical here for you, would you rather have Stevens, or the #1 overall pick in the NBA Draft? Vote below and listen to the poll segments @ 6:30 & 8:30am. 

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