Daily Poll: Who would you like to see the Magic pick @ 6?

Here we go again. The Magic pick 6th for the 2nd year in a row. Frustrating for Magic fans that suffer through watching this team lose game after game, after game, to only see them fall out of the top 5 time and again when it comes time for the NBA Draft. Now certainly you can still improve your team (better than the Magic have been doing) no matter where you're drafting, but it helps when you're up towards the top. 

With all that said, it is what it is. The Magic do pick 6th, and now we must look ahead at who the Magic could land in the 2018 NBA Draft. Here's a somewhat consensus look @ the top 10 players to go in this year's draft, and then you tell us who you'd like to see the Magic end up with, realistically. 

  1. Deandre Ayton - PF/C Arizona 
  2. Luka Doncic - SG Real Madrid
  3. Marvin Bagley - PF Duke 
  4. Michael Porter Jr. - SF Mizzou 
  5. Mo Bamba - PF Texas 
  6. Jaren Jackson - PF Michigan State 
  7. Colin Sexton - PG Bama 
  8. Trae Young - PG OU
  9. Wendell Carter - PF Duke 
  10. Mikal Bridges  - G/F Villanova 

So, who will it be? 


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