Podcast: Scott Frost Clarifies His Comments Regarding UCF's National Title

Former UCF coach and current Nebraska coach, Scott Frost returned to the Orlando airwaves this morning on Open Mike to clear the air between he and UCF fans, after comments he made to USA Today separating himself from UCF's National Championship claim. 

“All I’ll say is if we had stayed there, I would have had a hard time getting behind it,” he says. “I think it was smart by them, because it has kept UCF in the media and in the conversation. But you know, like our rings, I kind of wish my ring just said ‘Undefeated Season’ and ‘Peach Bowl Champion.’ ”

  • Frost also discusses his new life as a father 
  • How much last season meant to him
  • Expanding the College Football Playoff beyond the 4-teams the committee allows in right now. 
  • Whether or not he contacted his players from UCF after his controversial comments with USA Today. 

Listen below or find it on iHeartRadio as well. 

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