Daily Poll: Do you feel betrayed by Scott Frost?

Danny White, Orlando, and UCF Nation has made it pretty clear over the last 5 months that UCF has a legitimate claim to a National Championship. So much so, we've had parades, White handed out rings, and hung a banner @ the stadium claiming the 2017 National Championship. 

Scott Frost however (you remember him, right?) he's not as convinced. These are his quotes from a recent USA Today article: 

“I completely get behind their argument,” Frost says. “I do think it was almost criminal how low they kept UCF in the rankings, and I think it was intentional. But at the end of the day, the playoff system is that the national champion is the team that wins the playoff.”

If that sounds like Frost isn’t completely aboard the national title train, it’s because he’s not.

“All I’ll say is if we had stayed there, I would have had a hard time getting behind it,” he says. “I think it was smart by them, because it has kept UCF in the media and in the conversation. But you know, like our rings, I kind of wish my ring just said ‘Undefeated Season’ and ‘Peach Bowl Champion.’ ”

Maybe this shouldn't come as a surprise, I mean, Frost is part of the belly of the beast now with Nebraska. Why fight for the "little guy" when you're one of the big guys? Frankly, this is sure to upset many people who bleed black and gold, but rather than us tell you how much it upsets you, how about you tell us...


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