Daily Poll: Should pro leagues do away with cheerleaders?

Buccaneers Cheerleaders

We ask this question in the wake of the very serious controversy up in Washington D.C.

As according to the New York Times: 

Washington Redskins cheerleaders were required to pose topless for a photo shoot in 2013, while spectators invited by the team looked on.

Some of the cheerleaders were then required to attend a nightclub event as escorts for some of the team's male sponsors, according to the Times.

The cheerleaders said there was no sex involved, but they felt the team was "pimping us out." The incidents occurred on a weeklong trip to Costa Rica, for which the cheerleaders were not paid.

Whether you find this story troubling or bogus, it does raise an interesting question. Are we past the days of cheerleaders/dancers being a relevant necessity at pro sporting events? In this day of "Me Too" and female empowerment, should we really be throwing bouncing sex symbols out in front of fans and families that attend sporting events? What's the point? And that is the other argument against that form of on field/court entertainment -- what is the point? Rarely do NFL cheerleaders even "cheer"...it's certainly not the death defying sport of competitive cheerleading. 

Others will say, it's tradition, or it adds to the ambiance of a professional sporting event. They'll say it's just another aspect to the overall entertainment product, why do away with that when people seem to enjoy it? Nevermind the fact that women all across America choose to show up to work every week in this field, it is their choice at the end of the day. 

Where do you fall on this debate? 


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