Did drafting Griffin make a Seahawks fan out of you?

The Griffin Brothers have been reunited and it feels so good! Seattle stepped up with the 141st pick in the NFL Draft (5th round) and drafted Orlando/America's favorite inspiration, Shaquem Griffin. Just two short rounds after his brother was drafted one year prior. It's tough not getting a little misty eyed just thinking about it. 

We want to know if this has made a Seahawks fan out of you. Allow me to detail your 4-options on the poll today: 

  1. Seattle is your new favorite team, pretty self explanatory, you want them to win games and you'll be watching them closer than any other team in the NFL. 
  2. Maybe the Seahawks have become your secondary team, while of course you have prior allegiances, Seattle will be your new-adopted favorite if you will. 
  3. You'll pull for Seattle, but nothing more, and you won't cheer anymore for the Griffin's than you would for any other team with a UCF Knight on the roster. 
  4. You don't view Seattle any different than you did before. Maybe your not the type to allow college allegiance dictate who you cheer for at the pro level...or...maybe you're just not a UCF fan...or maybe you're a horrible person who doesn't cheer for inspirational stories. Okay, maybe that last one was a little rough. 



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