Daily Poll: Who will be the best QB from this year's draft class?


The QB's are usually the biggest story on draft day, and this year is no different. In fact, even more so than most. We may see 6 QB's get drafted inside of the first round tonight. A number we haven't seen since 1983 (the Elway, Marino, Kelly draft) -- Sam Darnold, Josh Rosen, Baker Mayfield, Lamar Jackson, Josh Allen, and Mason Rudolph are the six being bantered about. 

Today's poll features the consensus top 4 among NFL Draftniks. And each has something to fall in love with, coupled with a "fatal flaw", so what are those? I'll detail them with a brief description and then we'll let you play talent evaluator : 

  • Josh Allen
    • Upside: Biggest arm in this year's draft, and he can run as well. 
    • Downside: 56% completion rate in 2017 and came up short in his biggest games.
    • Stats 2017: Comp %= 56, Yards= 1,812, TD= 16, INT= 6 
  • Josh Rosen
    • Upside: Smart, mechanically the best in this year's draft, throws receivers open better than most. 
    • Downside: Cocky, arrogant, and has durability concerns. 
    • Stats 2017: Comp %= 62, Yards= 3,756, TD= 26, INT= 10
  • Sam Darnold
    • Upside: It factor is out of this world, loves football, and is an Andrew Luck type playmaker. 
    • Downside: He turns the ball over way too much, poor throwing motion. 
    • Stats 2017: Comp %= 63, Yards= 4,143, TD= 26, INT= 13
  • Baker Mayfield
    • Upside: He's the most accurate QB in this draft, incredible leader/teammate, highly competitive. 
    • Downside: Off the field concerns, undersized, and played in a Big 12 spread offense. 
    • Stats 2017: Comp %= 70, Yards= 4,627, TD= 43, INT= 6 
  • Lamar Jackson (write-in candidate) 
    • Upside: Freakish athleticism, best runner in the draft @ QB, and throws an accurate deep ball
    • Downside: Inaccurate with intermediate/simple throws, slight build may not hold up to NFL beating, footwork in the pocket needs a lot of work. 
    • Stats 2017: Comp %= 59, Yards= 3,660, TD= 27, INT= 10, Rushing= 1,601 (18) 


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