Daily Poll: Does Callaway deserve yet ANOTHER chance?

Will this guy ever learn? 

Callaway is quite possibly the most talented WR entering the 2018 NFL Draft (only one day away) and yet he comes in as the player with some of the most concerns, character-wise in this draft class. AND -that was before this news story broke yesterday...

VIA ESPN.COM: Former Florida wide receiver Antonio Callaway, who some personnel evaluators consider as talented as any wide receiver in this week's draft, tested positive for marijuana at the combine, NFL sources said.

Callaway's new agent, Malki Kawa, said Tuesday that it was for a diluted sample. A diluted sample is treated as a positive test result under the NFL's Policy and Program on Substances of Abuse.

Right, because we believe that story Malki. 

Look, some will say - Hey, it's just weed, it isn't that big-a-deal. We've seen guys with bigger personal issues get drafted into the NFL. But plenty others will point out the fact that he's been in trouble so many times, we've lost count. Can you ever trust a guy like that? 


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