Daily Poll: Worst move in Magic franchise history

If you listen to the video above, you can hear straight from Grant Hill and T-Mac's mouth what "could have been". There's a lot of that "what-if" talk going on around here lately. Whether it's Magic misfortune or mismanagement, the Magic always seem to end up on the raw end of maximizing an NBA players abilities. 

Victor Oladipo is the latest example of what could have been, as the former Magic #2 overall pick has the Pacers in prime position to upset LeBron's Cavs in the post season. And what did the Magic get in return? All that remains in Orlando from that deal...Terrance Ross. 

You could go back to the signing of Grant Hill, having to make room for that historically large contract, and in doing so -- they had to let their defensive center go on his way to Detroit. For the next 3+ seasons, Ben Wallace would be the best defensive player in the NBA. 

On the surface, signing Rashard Lewis to an exorbitant 6 year-118 million dollar contract doesn't seem all that bad. I mean, he did help carry the 2009 Magic to the NBA Finals. But, his talent faded quickly, and the Magic were left with one of the worst contracts in the league. Saddled with this bad deal, and the prospects of Dwight Howard wanting to play elsewhere, the Magic were forced to make a desperation move -- trading bad contract for bad contract. Rashard Lewis turned into Planking Gilbert Arenas. 

So, what'll it be Orlando? Which move was the worst in Magic history? Did we leave one off? Tweet @ 969thegame and vote on the thought-provoking daily poll! 

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