Former Magic Players Dominate Game 1 of the NBA Playoffs

Victor Oladipo, remember him? He's the guy the Magic (Rob Hennigan) traded away in an effort to get Serge Ibaka (who also lead his team in points this weekend). Victor Oladipo went from a guy not good enough for the Magic rebuild, to dominating LeBron James Cavaliers and making his first All-Star Game appearance. 

Former Magic fan favorite, and a man who was traded away immediately when the rebuild started, JJ Redick also contributed the most points for his team's win this weekend. So that's 32 for Oladipo and 28 for JJ for those keeping score @ home. 

How does that make you feel Magic fans? These guys could be, and should be, your stars! Are you angry? Bitter? Sad? Or are you happy for them that they got out just in time to salvage their careers? 


Side note, since we're playing games of "what if", I was thinking over the weekend -- The Magic have been so close over these past 6 years to getting (or keeping) star talent. I wanted to show you what a little twist-of-fate could look like for the Magic. Here's the "what-if" roster they could've compiled with a little fortune and good decision making over the last 6 years: 

PG-Victor Oladipo (was drafted by the team) 

SG- JJ Redick (was on the team when rebuild began) 

SF- Jayson Tatum (with a few more losses in 2016/17, they would've had the same draft odds as the Nets, who gave up their pick to the Celtics. The Celtics picked 3 spots ahead of the Magic). 

PF- Kristaps Porzingas (drafted one spot ahead of the Magic in 2015) 

C- Joel Embiid (drafted one spot ahead of the Magic in 2014)

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